Tuesday, April 22, 2008


AAR: Blood Diamonds

Part I
+Successfully cast piece
+Piles of skulls achieved- same design as sketches
+Was wearable and conversational
+CZ was cast in place

- Better execution of presentation (ie Chain)
- More skulls in pile (like original)
- Maybe exaggerated openings so CZ could be seen better
- Casting with stones could be achieved better

Part II

I think I was always aware of my piece, but not about the final presentation. I think I thought about my model and not about the final product, focusing too much on the waxes. I was also too frugile with my investment which lead to mis-castings, where as I could have had more successfully castings earlier. I am very happy with the amount of detail in the skulls and the level that was reached with the cast piece. I think it is strong, but could lead to more items.

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