Sunday, October 28, 2007

Spinning Lady

This little tid bit of information was kinda cool... I enjoyed it. Deals with the difference with the right and left side of the brain. I thought it was awesome. Made me think a little bit more about which side I favor.,21985,22556281-661,00.html

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Solar House Decathalon

This is freakin awesome! i really want to try to go out and see this. It is a competition for college students to design and create houses that are appealing and environmentally great! This challenge deals with solar power. I saw this on the news and had to look it up. There are some really prestigious schools that are represented, I wish we could have had a chance at it.

Jena Six Project

Title: Jena Six

Problems: misunderstanding or lack of information about racism today

Because of:people don't see that it still exists or don't know that it does

Want to Create: awareness; $ to support the victims of the Jena Six case; involve everyone so that it can hopefully end someday

Solutions: something commercial, that can be sold; Bracelets, or T-shirts or pins- show your support

Obstacles: Where to sell it; how to get the word out; will people want to support

Opposing Viewpoint: Racism doesn't exist, it was just a prank, this is being made a bigger deal then it is, why should I care its not here

Research: , ,

Product Ideas: Keychains, magnets (for cars), $ drive, pamphlets, petition

Jena Six

I just don't understand the legal system in Louisiana. I feel so much for this kid. I mean, first he was sent to jail and now he has to go to juvenile court. I mean he should at least get some kind of reduction for his sentence. That's just me, this whole situation makes me irritated.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Social Design

HoMu- social design about the art world, kinda interesting.

Barefoot Artists- Very awesome movement. This organization tries to build community within different areas that are not as fortunate or well off, nationally and globally. Pretty awesome and it started in Philly. Art is healing.

Building is better... we need them here.


AAR: Project 1 Body Image
Part 1Sustain:
+ I believe that our group solve the problem of the t-shirts
+ well executed reuse of clothing to promote the problem
+ presented the entire package professional

- The iron-on did not allow for unified design to the shirt unless it was white.
- Some of the recycled shirts were not flattering to public, others were better
- Powerpoint could have had more statistics or information
- Could have had more information attached to the shirts

What Ifs:
- Silk Screening could have unified the shirts with the image
- could have gotten more images, had multiple designs
- could have promoted the idea more around campus, gotten more people involved

Part 2:
I believed the structure we had was very good for the first four weeks. I think a little more in class time would have been helpful just to have a clearer understanding of what was wanted, but feedback was nice. Maybe a more structured brainstorming seesion outline so that it did not take up as much time.