Thursday, September 13, 2007


Subject: Jena 6 - Please Be A Part of the Movement!

Wear black on Thursday. See below.

Subject: Fwd: September 20, 2007 - The Jena 6

Listen People,
It is wonderful to promote your business and entertainment news.
is important information that will benefit us all in America! It's 2007
and we are still fighting this bull. MLK started it and the struggle
Mark this day in your book. Michael Baisden is asking all to attend
the sentencing of the Jena 6, Louisana young black boys on September
20, 2007. These boys can go to prison for life behind a high school
fight against white students. This is serious family, and could be any
one of our youths. If you are unable to show up and send a message
about Racisim than Michael Baisden is asking all to wear Black that day
for Unity and send a silent or loud prayer to those young men who are
fighting racisim on behalf of us all.
Pass this important news to everyone. Spread the word.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

People need to stop hating!!!

I just can't believe this..... this is just soooo messed up. I heard about this on the radio and looked it up because I couldn't believe this. I just hope this girl is ok and can get through this.

Green Acts

I was on msnbc and saw this article about keeping lawn care products "green" instead of the chemical ones. I remember as a kid, my mom wouldn't let me go outside or our cats outside, if our neighbors were spraying lawn care stuff. I think this is really important because not only are the chemicals harmful to humans and animals, just imagine what we are putting back into the ground that grows our food. We are so concerned with what we eat... we should be concerned with how we grow our food. No I don't always buy organic food, but I try to when I can afford it.... student remember?!?! hahaha but this article is kinda interesting

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jena Six

I was sent this link about these six boys in Jena, Louisiana. It really boggled my mind that this type of hatred still goes on even though I have experienced myself. These boys in Jena are in high school and were racial brutalized by white children at their school because they sat under the white tree and they were black. The white children threw nooses up over the tree to threaten the black kids. In protest, the majority of the black population at the high school sat under the "white" tree, peacefully. The adults brushed off the altercation as if it was nothing and the black students were acting up too much. Worst comes to worst and their ends up being violence when a white student says the "N" word to black students. The white student got his ass beat, pressed charges and now these kids who beat up the white student are being punished as adults. Violence is not the answer by any means, but like I've said, these are children, all of them. The adults didn't act and show that this type of discrimination and prejudice should be prohibited, especially in an educational environment. It blows my mind that this situation was allowed to just spiral out of control and as a person, I signed the petition to help the Jena Six. If this story outrages you as well... I ask that you please do so also. Racism and prejudice, to me, is just plain ignorant and unexceptable. Though violence is not an answer either, it shouldn't have been allowed to escalate or tolerated. Its just unacceptable.