Tuesday, April 22, 2008


AAR: Blood Diamonds

Part I
+Successfully cast piece
+Piles of skulls achieved- same design as sketches
+Was wearable and conversational
+CZ was cast in place

- Better execution of presentation (ie Chain)
- More skulls in pile (like original)
- Maybe exaggerated openings so CZ could be seen better
- Casting with stones could be achieved better

Part II

I think I was always aware of my piece, but not about the final presentation. I think I thought about my model and not about the final product, focusing too much on the waxes. I was also too frugile with my investment which lead to mis-castings, where as I could have had more successfully castings earlier. I am very happy with the amount of detail in the skulls and the level that was reached with the cast piece. I think it is strong, but could lead to more items.


Here is a green product that is called "Free Range Chicken Poop" lip balm. I thought it was pretty interesting.... the creator Jamie Faith Tabor Schmidt created this after going into Sephora and wanting to make beauty products. Made with Soy, Jojoba, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Bees Wax. Check her out at ilovechickenpoop.com

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

TLC goes Green!!!

I am trying to catch the commercial again, but TLC is going green for a day and hosting two new green shows. I believe they are called Waste or Wasted and Greenology or something. I will keep you updated...... I think they are going to be really interesting.

Pre-casting pieces: Samples

Here are the before images of my sample casting pieces.... we had some survivors, but we lost some good men. Moment of silence please............ Thank you!

Eye Catching

I thought this drain was really cool, with the oxidation and natural patinas... I liked it.